Our Story.


The photo divvy dilemma.

A while back, our founder Eric and his siblings inherited a box of old family photos and a familiar dilemma. How do you divvy up all the cherished pictures among five brothers and sisters? More importantly, how do you save the priceless stories behind each snapshot? Luckily, Eric had a brilliant ah-ha.


From kitchen table to the cloud.

Growing up, Eric loved sitting around the kitchen table, sharing old photos, swapping stories and learning more about the ones he held dear. What if he could create a kitchen table, where any relative could pull up a chair, from anyplace, at any time … and share their stories, too. Eureka! TightKnit is born.

Kurt age 3


The TightKnit family grows.

Eric joins forces with his cousin Kurt and friend Jann, the founder of Archivers. Together, they create TightKnit, a new way for families to share in collaborative storytelling. Which to Eric, is just a fancy way of saying, “relatives working together to capture and share memories for generations to come.”


TightKnit takes off.

This year is the most exciting year yet. We’ve launched the TightKnit™ web platform and given families all the tools they need to stay closer than ever. From a box of dusty photos to a 21st-century app, we hope TightKnit inspires families to keep telling their stories. Just like at the kitchen table, only better.

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