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Today. Right now, your subscription to TightKnit is free. For life.

Why would that be?

Your subscription to TightKnit helps us reach a critical goal that we are determined to achieve before we start charging for the platform. Until we reach that goal (and it’s a lofty one!), every new subscription is free. After we reach that goal, NEW subscribers will have the opportunity to pay for a subscription plan. But that’s not YOU.

As an early adopter, you’ll continue to have your free subscription.

Any family members you invite to join your family group will also have a free subscription, if they accept your invitation before we start charging for TightKnit subscription plans.

TightKnit is private to you and your family group(s), and your information will never be shared, sold, discussed, disseminated, or used in any way except by you. As it should be.

There are no limits to the number of family groups you can have, albums you can create, or conversations you can have around your TightKnit virtual kitchen table. Plus, we’ll give you up to 100GB to store your treasured photos.

If not now, when?

Isn’t it time to start creating that lifetime family legacy in a way that lets everyone in your family participate?

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You can read the legalese about this limited time offer here: Free Lifetime Membership Promotion Details.

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Free Lifetime Membership to TightKnit!*

TightKnit is the perfect place for families and friends to share and preserve their photos, memories and life stories, together.

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