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A new way to share old memories.

Welcome to TightKnit, the place where family stories come alive.

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How to Make Your Family Photos Talk.

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The TightKnit™ web platform is inspired by those family “kitchen table” conversations of days gone by. Except now, loved ones can pull up a chair anytime, anywhere.

Share the stories
behind the photos.

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Mom sure was a real looker in her day.

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I can't believe that Grandpa had hair back then...Ha!

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That was our honeymoon, I remember it like it was yesterday.

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Where did that coat go?
I need that coat.

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I have some old letters from that trip.

It’s as easy as this


Select a photo that will stir up memories.


Upload your photo to an album, and start the storytelling.


Share the album with loved ones, and watch the stories unfold.

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Lasting legacies start here.

Let’s be clear. The TightKnit™ site is not just another place to share photos. It’s a place for you and your relatives to discover, enjoy and preserve the stories of your family, together!

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Keep memories safe and shared.

Your memories are priceless. That’s why TightKnit gives them a secure, forever home. Nothing is lost. Ever. So they can safely (and privately) be enjoyed with family and friends.

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Your stories. Told your way.

Sharing stories has never been easier. Add personal anecdotes or comments next to any photo. Or simply make a voice recording, and tell your stories firsthand to family and friends.

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Photos are just the beginning.

Complete the picture of your family by adding documents, records and correspondence — like old love letters. You never know what’s going to trigger another memory.

Invite the whole family.

When it comes to family history, everyone has something. No one has everything. So the more relatives you invite, the more the memories multiply for everyone to enjoy.

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Something new everyday.

Once the family banter gets rolling, that’s when the fun begins. Every day’s a chance to uncover a new face, hear an untold story, or simply reconnect with a long lost relative.

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A word from team TightKnit.

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We created TightKnit for families like ours to share and preserve the most meaningful memories in our lives. And we’re humbled that families of every kind trust us with their memories, too.

Our Story
TightKnit, Inc.
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