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Travel Plans? Travel Pics? Travel Logs.

What memories do you have of those amazing trips you took with your parents when you were just a kid? Thank goodness for photos and videos, right? They give you an opportunity to go back in time to re-experience those moments. As you browse through them, do you ever reflect on what you were thinking […]

When Stories Take Unexpected Detours

The TightKnit Story Album had an appropriate title: 1969-70 Jam Sessions. All the photos in the album captured the party atmosphere that surrounded the five guys performing jazz and swing tunes from the 40’s and 50’s. Two of the musicians were my uncles – one playing trumpet and the other controlling the dynamics and providing […]

Thanksgiving Recipes and Stories

You wouldn’t think the game show Family Feud could inspire a blog post, I bet. But a question on a “Fast Money” segment in a recent episode caught my attention:  “Name a Thanksgiving food for which you have an old family recipe.”   The first person up answered “gravy.” Meeep. No points for that one.  The second person […]

Yes, Your Stories Are Worth Telling

How did you react when one of your parents or grandparents told you a family story that you had never heard before?   Think about that for a moment as you conjure up one of those stories.   Was it a surprise? Disbelief? Heartwarming? Hysterical? Historical? Revealing? Revolting? Unforgettable? Educational? Intriguing?   Of course, how you reacted depended entirely on the story and […]

“I Never Realized…”

Kate Hellmers has been receiving a lot of emails from relatives and friends lately. That, by itself, is not surprising. Each of them expressed some form of gratitude for her efforts to capture and share family stories.   What IS surprising is how many of those emails also acknowledged new discoveries – things previously not known to the senders – that were almost always introduced with the phrase, “I […]

The Dash

A good 20 years or so ago, I attended a business conference. One of the speakers on the agenda was Lou Holtz. Well known and highly regarded as a successful college football coach, Lou is also a terrific motivational speaker.   I recall him being both entertaining and inspirational – delivering cleverly crafted one-liners interspersed with meaningful life lessons. But there’s one thing I remember very specifically. During […]

Is There Frosting on My Nose?

The following is a story that was shared with me by one of our TightKnit friends. Perhaps it will bring back memories for you as it did for me. – Eric   Ah, the smell of the house on cookie-baking day. The mess in the kitchen, the warmth of the oven, and the smells – did I mention the smells?  […]

The Family Kitchen Table

Remember those days when you were young, and family – perhaps aunts and uncles or grandparents — were visiting? At some point, they all gravitated to the kitchen or dining room table and just talked. Initially, the conversation was likely about what each other’s families were up to, current events, maybe even politics or religion […]

Hidden Stories That Inspire Generations

Has this happened to you? You show a family member an old family photo, and that photo triggers a memory and an amazing story. It proves something that we all know: That is, it is not the photo that is necessarily of value, but in fact, it is the story behind the photo that is […]

Can the Family Slide Show Make a Comeback?

Did you grow up looking forward to the next family slide show? Did you or your parents ever take “slide” photographs? Slides were amazing things. Near perfect resolution, meaning you could blow one up into a wall-sized poster if you wanted. A transparency, which, like a negative, light could be shone through. However, as opposed […]

A Box of Family Pictures: The Flux Capacitor in Your Attic

Time travel has always been a popular topic for science fiction. You find it in books, like The Time Machine (a true classic) by H. G. Wells. Or A Wrinkle in Time, the first in a series authored by Madeleine L’Engle, that I read aloud to my kids at bedtime – a chapter a night […]

Family Heirlooms: The Vase We Don’t Understand

Do you have a family heirloom but you’re not sure why it’s an “heirloom”?  The time had come for Mom and Dad to downsize. Their modest home had barely seemed large enough while they were raising six kids. But now… decades later… it was more than they really needed, and definitely more than they could […]

Photos of Forgotten Relatives in the Northeast

Do you have forgotten relatives? Perhaps you have a photo or two, but you’ve lost track of who they are or how they tie in to your family? In the northeastern corner of the US, a group of people created a Facebook group called “Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine.” Most of the photos shared in […]

Family Heirlooms: Grammy’s Bread Bowl

My Grammy made the very best bread in the whole world. Even though I was barely three years old when she died, I have a VERY vivid memory of sneaking out to her kitchen and pinching off a little bit of the heel. Confession: I did that over and over again until it looked like […]

The Rest of the [Family] Story

And Now… The Rest of the Story  Does that phrase stir up any memories for you?   If you spent any time listening to the radio during the 30+ years spanning May, 1976 through February, 2009, you instantly connected The Rest of the Story with the distinctive voice of news broadcaster and radio personality, Paul Harvey.   With a little help from […]

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