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Scrapbooking, Turbo-Charged

Are you ready to take scrapbooking to the next level? You do that through famsourcing. It’s not a typo. I’m talking about famsourcing – a new word we have coined that means “sourcing from everyone in the family.” It’s a play on crowdsourcing but a lot more personal – to you, to your family, and […]

Photos and the Great Comment Conundrum

Read this if you’ve ever been at an event or on a vacation at which pictures have been taken, and especially if YOU have ever been the picture-taker at an event or on a vacation. Serious question: How have those photos been shared? Casually? … Thoughtfully? … Willy-Nilly? … All of the above? Scroll through […]

A Scrapbook Story of a Steamboat and Mom

Even with war happening on other continents, in the summer of 1945 here in the US, the SS North American was cruising the Great Lakes, and my mom and her sister, my aunt, were part of her crew that summer. We had heard stories about that summer every now and then – brief anecdotes brought […]

My Sister Made Me A Scrapbook…

One of our newer TightKnit users sent me a story she wrote, suggesting I could share it on our blog. I LOVE this story! And here it is… My sister was giddy when I opened a big flat gift from her a few Christmases ago – so excited she could hardly sit still. It was […]

Family Photo Books Don’t Breathe

Do you like to create photo books? I got to thinking about photo books last week when I received an email from Google Photos inviting me to “make a photo book in minutes.” You might like to make photo books. A lot of people do. Judging by the number of places that are vying for […]

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